Game of Thrones Season Five: Episode One Review

Melisandre Game of Thrones

Episode one of season five was really intense and gave a brilliant start to the new series of Game of Thrones, it was action packed and exciting and gave me a really good chance to catch up with all the main characters in the story after a short break.

Tywin Lannister is found murdered in the bathroom, which means his son and daughter are now allowed to run the kingdom. They have to create smaller councils to help maintain the peace within the kingdom. Watching the politics of the towns future being decided is a really interesting element of this episode

Cersei tells Jamie to go to Dawn and get their daughter back, he agrees and makes plans to although he is aware that this could cause a lot as trouble as she is already promised to the prince of Dawn, this helps to add another dimension to the story line, making the episode even more exciting.
The Harpies begin to kill the unsullied through means of assassination due to unrest that has been caused by the abolishment of slavery and the closure of the fighting pit, meaning people in the town feel bored and as if they are having to much taken away from them because of the Dragon queens new rules.

John Snow is ordered to convince Mansraider to bend the knee to prove loyalty to Stanis Baratheon or to burn at the stake, John fails to persuade Mansraider, so they take him and tie him to a stake and burn him, just before he dies John Snow fired an arrow in to his chest, to prevent him from feeling too much pain as he died.

As the Wildling king is now dead, Stanis is hoping he can take over their army although the wildlings don’t want to join with his men.This part of the story really helps me to imagine living within the culture of those people, and these scenes were really full of suspense.

The scene in the tavern shows a dispute taking place because the oath that was set by catelyn Stark before she died hadn’t been fulfilled leading to Pod and his mistress having to flee on horseback, the scene when they are being pursues by Little Finger and his men is really exciting and dramatic.

The episode ends with Daenerys entering a cave under the pyramids, where her dragons are kept she gets a little upset because they are being difficult to get under control. She leaves them upset and begins to climb the pyramid, she meets the big dragon, Drogon, and tries to stroke his nose, but as he is aggressive he flies away. This makes a really effective ending and I was pleased to see them as the dragons are one of the best parts of the Game of Thrones Show.

Episode one of season five is really well made as it leads on perfectly from where episode four ends and helps to explain a lot of the background while still paving the way for future story lines to unfold, I can’t wait to watch the rest of season five.

You can watch or rewatch this episode at Gotepisodes. They actually have most of the episodes available to watch for free. Which is amazing, but the videos are low quality compared to HBO.

No Good Deeds Movie Reivew

No Good Deads Wallaper

No Good Deeds is a suspense thriller that makes you think twice about helping people as well as opening your door to strangers. Taraji P. Henson’s character had to learn these lessons the hard way. She plays Terry a married mother of two small kids who makes one of the worst mistakes possible. She opens the door to a stranger named Colin (Idris Elba). Colin turned out to be an escaped convict who mysteriously showed up on her doorstep while her husband Jeffrey (Henry Simmons) was out of town. Things take a scary turn for Terry when Colin begins to terrorize her in her home. She has to fight for her life as well as protect her children.

This is a pretty good suspense thriller. This is the type of movie that will have you screaming at the screen because of the things that Terry does throughout the movie. For example, she allows a complete stranger to walk in her house like she’s known him for years. She also leaves him alone with her children. If that isn’t enough, she tells him personal details about her relationship with her husband. She appears to fall for Colin while she tells him about her husband. She does other things throughout the movie, but you get the idea. This is the perfect setup for a thriller because there is always a character like Terry represented.

The plot of the movie is pretty much simple and easy to follow. Colin is denied parole for killing his ex-wife. He escapes prison and ends up at Terry’s house. The reason why he’s there ends up being part of the twist ending. The plot also involves Terry’s husband possibly cheating on her. The plot moves fast and there aren’t any dull spots. The suspense will have you ready to jump out of your seat. The mark of a good thriller is to have a lot of jump scares throughout the movie. “No Good Deeds” is loaded with a lot of jump scares to satisfy the audience.

The acting is pretty good. Idris Elba takes a chance and goes for a different type of role. He usually plays good characters in movies, but he played the bad guy in this one. He was very convincing in his role as the bad guy. He went from calm to scary in no time. The transition was impressive and a great change for the actor. Taraji P. Henson mostly takes on comedic roles and this was a break from that. She doesn’t usually do thrillers so this was a nice change for her. She wasn’t over the top the way she can be in other movies. The rest of the cast did good jobs with what they were given. The movie is mostly about Elba and Henson.

The movie is good, but it does have problems. The movie is cliched. Terry has her chance to get away from Colin, but she doesn’t utilize the opportunity. Whenever she hides from him he can always find her. Her best friend confronts Colin when she’s alone. Her fate should come as no surprise to anyone. The police officer who she comes across is completely useless to her. There are other cliches, but the list can end here.

The other problem is the twist. It’s great that there is one, but there’s no way to see it coming. It happens at the end of the movie, but it doesn’t make any sense. There’s nothing that happens in the movie that builds up to it so audience members may be left scratching their heads afterwards. Twist endings are always good for thrillers, but they need to make sense and this one doesn’t.

No Good Deeds is a good suspense thriller with a fast pace. The movie has good acting and a lot of suspense. It does suffer from being cliched and there’s no way to figure out the twist ending. It is worth checking out if you enjoy thrillers.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Movie Review

The Grand Budapest Hotel

In 2014, director Wes Anderson released a delightful comedy which he had written with Hugo Guinness, whom Anderson had collaborated with before. The Grand Budapest Hotel subsequently received a well-deserved nomination for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

The Grand Budapest Hotel tells the story of a hotel concierge who, after being framed for murder and accused of stealing the priceless painting, teams up with one of his employees, Zero Mustafa, to clear his name. The flamboyant concierge and his awkward companion develop an affectionate bond in spite of the difficulties they endure along their trip. As they travel together, Zero learns many valuable lessons from his mentor, not only about the hotel business, but also about life and how to handle it well.

The story takes place between the two world wars on the dramatically changing continent of Europe which viewers are a witness to through the windows of a fast moving train and many typically run-down abodes along our leading man’s travels. Zero, the lobby boy, and his concierge mentor are caught in the midst of a family battle for a fortune which includes a unique in places painting called “Boy with Apple”. The painting was bequeathed to the concierge upon the death of one of his clients. However due to the varying vehicle factors the deceased’s family is contesting the will and therefore the concierge’s claim to the painting as well did.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, inspired by the works of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, is an aesthetic exploration of deep emotion and complex theories about the inner workings of the human consciousness. The actors in this movie gave grand performances while providing multiple instances of side-splitting laughter. Watching the grand and attests hotel is much like seen an elaborate storybook come to life. The film styling and effusive visual effects create a cinematic journey two which few other movies can compare.

The exceptional cameo appearances of Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray, among others, only add to the perfection that is this film. Each character is masterfully directed into the creation of sustainable relationships and beautiful personal connections made between the cast members. The complex nuances of the colorful people in this movie drives forward the plot in such a way as to have the viewer excited for each new scene. There is a palpable comradery between the actors that seeps right into the film in every way making it a pleasure to watch over and over again.

Anderson does not disappoint with this movie staying true to the style and charismatic storytelling that he’s been known for throughout the years. The Grand Budapest Hotel will be known for years to come as a classic in the comedic drama as well as an artistic masterpiece rival to the so-called priceless Renaissance painting in the movie. Just as the famous concierge keeps his beloved patrons returning to the hotel year after year, so will this film keep viewers returning to watch it for many decades to come.

Chappie Movie Review

Now it’s not uncommon for musicians to appear in other forms of entertainment, but with the South African rap duo known as Die Antwoord, its a bit different. Director and screenplay writer Neill Blomkamp made a short film called “Tetra Vaal” in 2004 that was considered the influence for his 2015 film entitled “Chappie” which star Ninja and Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord. Other than the duo, the film also stars Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire fame, Sharlto Copley of District 9 fame, and award winning actors Hugh Jackman and Sigourney. Now with a promising cast of actors and crew, how is the movie Chappie?

The film opens with the Mayor of Johannesburg introducing a new form of protection to the town, which are robotic police officers created by the company Tetravaal. Its made aware that the robo-units, known as Scouts, are a success as crime rate has decreased drastically. We are introduced to Dev’c character Deon who is the creator of the Scouts and shows his desire to make his creations more “human like”. We are also shown Jackman’s character Vincent who also works for Tetravaal. He as well has invented a mechanical replacement, known as the MOOSE, for human police but the MOOSE isn’t in mass production in favor of the Scouts. During a car chase scene we are first shown how Die Antwoord’s acting skills are. In is made aware that out of the two; Ninja is the better actor of the duo. Yolandi is in no way bad, but sometimes it appears that she is kind of forcing a mood or feeling when reading her lines. Ninja, who does in fact have more speaking lines and screen time, seems to say his lines more naturally and as a result, his acting seems to be like he showed up and acted like how he normally would; but he does have his moments however where some lines he recites are a bit forced. One of Ninja’s strong pinot is his expressions. Even if his acting sometimes seems forced, his facial expressions in all his scenes never do. If he has to look angry, concerned, or happy; it all looks natural. Along with Die Antwoord are two others, one being named Amerika. They are racing to a gang leader named Hippo who sent them on an unsuccessful mission and they now owe him 20 million.

Hippo shoots one of the men with Ninja and then is raided by a Scout Unit as Die Antwoord, Amerika, and Hippo barely make it out alive. The Tetravaal CEO played by Sigourney Weaver informs the company how successful the Scouts are doing and Deon is congratulated by the other employees, which angers Vincent. Vincent is constantly being shut down and hints of frustration and jealousy are being made aware. A very different character for Hugh Jackman, but like every other role he has played, he can really get into a character and it’s easy to forget he does indeed have an accent in real life considering his Wolverine character doesn’t posses one. We are also informed that a certain Scout has been damaged yet again and is ordered by Deon to be scrapped for parts. Back at their hideout, Ninja’s gang of three is informed by Hippo that they still owe him money, and he will kill them in seven days if they don’t pay. Thinking of how to get the money, Yolandi gets the idea to steal the man who created the Scouts and get him to shut them down, via a remote. The pacing on the scene was a bit rushed i felt. Yolandi seemed to come up with the idea a bit too soon, as I felt it would have helped drive the fact that they are in a tight bind if Yolandi would have thought of the idea a scene or two later and until that time, show the trio pacing around and scrambling for ideas as they slowly become more and more worried about the trouble they are in. Even though the movie already has a lengthy run time, I felt it would have showed how desperate the gang was to resort to an idea they had a 50/50 chance of being successful. Deno succeeds at programming a chip that possesses the human like behavior for the Scouts, but is shut down and instead steals the damaged Scout to work on. He is kidnapped and is forced by Ninja’s gang to start up the Scout.

At this moment we get a good look at how much influence Die Antwoord had on their characters. Their hideout is located in what seems to be an abandon factory that they squat at. It’s got colorful drawings and such on the walls to match their colorful neon clothing, with Yolandi reminds me of a neon version of Tank Girl. Considering all of that, it appears that they are playing alternate versions of themselves, considering in certain scenes their music is heard and there are promotional pictures used for their CD covers and magazine spreads. When the Scout starts up he knows nothing and is basically a baby. Yolandi quickly begins bonding with him in a motherly way as Ninja just wants him to learn how to commit crimes since the Scout, now named Chappie, has a limited battery life. Vincent soon becomes suspicious of Deon as he begins sneaking around. To me it seems like they made the Vincent character the perfect villain. Because he seems to believe no matter what he does, he is never in the wrong and does what he does just to get to his main goal which he believes is right. His main goal is to get his MOOSE creation noticed and its meant as a military protection machine, so his intentions come off as evil with his main goal being good spirited since he is not trying to take over the world. We switch back and forth between a few humorous shots of Ninja’s gang trying to teach Chappie basic things, like learning how to fist bump. Vincent follows Deon as he teaches Chappie to paint and finds out what Deon did with a programming hard drive that he stole. Ninja then takes Chappie and drops him off in the real world, resulting in Chappie getting beaten and kidnapped by Vincent.

The second half of the film before the final act basically shows the emotion connection between the main characters and Chappie. It’s basically like a kid who looks up to his peers and does anything to fit in and feel accepted. Ninja knows this and teaches him to act bad and similar to him. All the characters acting is top notch but the only touchy thing is that for some Americans it may be a bit hard for them to understand certain words considering the leads speak with a South African accent. Overall the film is a really good watch. All the characters have different goals, whether good or bad, and Chappie is in the center that effects each decision. It basically feels like a family film where a mislead character has to find his way and save the important people in his life; except its not a family film. Regardless of all the main character’s intention, each one has their own charm where it is sometimes hard to hate them; even if they are good or bad. It has been said that the film has been written as part of a trilogy, so it is very possible that we will be seeing more Chappie in future years to come.

Game of Thrones House Stark Review

House Stark Family Portrait

History of House Stark

The House Stark is an ancient House, which has over eight thousand years of noble lineage. The Starks are direct descendant of Brandon the Builder who is a King in the North responsible for building Winterfell and the Wall. Ever since the Wall has been constructed, the Starks have been in alliance with the Night’s Watch and together they protected the Wall from wildling attacks for thousands of years. Eventually, the different lords of the North bowed down to the Starks as their supreme lord.
First Season
Just before the start of the War of the Five Kings, Lord Eddard Stark was executed by order of Joffrey Lannister. Robb Stark became the successor and was declared King of the North by Eddard’s bannermen.

Second Season

Robb Stark continues his battle with the Lannisters and gained several victories. Rob won against the Lannisters in the Riverlands, Westerlands, The Crag and The Yellow Fork.

Third Season

Even though Robb Stark continues to win against the Lannisters, the House Baratheon became the most powerful House in the War of the Five Kings. One of Robb’s bannermen, Rickard Karstark, begins to lose faith in Robb. When King Robb arrives at Harrenhal, he discovers that Ser Gregor Clegane has left without a fight. King Robb finds out that his grandfather, Hoter Tully, died and he leaves Harrenhal and his men under the hands of Roose Bolton to go to Riverrun and attend the funeral.
Robb and Catelyn Stark was murdered and betrayed by the Frey’s and Boltons and it was later dubbed as the Red Wedding. This massacre was secretly orchestrated by Tywin Lannister, which decimated the northern lords and most of the northern army. The House Stark is no longer the lord of the North and it was given to the House Bolton. Roose Bolton is the new warden of the north.

Fourth Season

The Bolton’s are trapped south of the Neck since the ironborn captured Moat Cailin, so they are unable to rule the North. Ramsay Bolton reclaimed the Moat and headed to Winterfell. Tywin Lannister wanted to have a grandson with Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark so he can return the north to the Starks but under Lannister control. However, Tyrion and Sansa ran away after King Joffrey’s assassination. Tywin was also killed and did not see his plan come into fruition.

Now that you know all about this great and honorable house. Time for you to go watch them in action so go watch Game of Thrones online for free.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Review

Batman Vs. Superman Movie Logo

This is the first official trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Which is set to be released on March 26, 2016. In the trailer you finally get to see Ben Affleck play as Bruce Wayne “Batman”. It seems that he will be playing the part quite well. And returning as Superman, from The Man of Steal, will be Henry Cavill. He is a good actor to portray this generation’s Super Man.

Okay let’s get to reviewing the trailer. The trailer gives you an idea of how the story-line will stake off. Some-time after Man of Steal, people being to question the nature of Super Man and his place on Earth. Some see him as a hero/god and other see him as a false god to lead humanity astray. They literally show a statue of Super Man saying “False God” on it. After that it fades to Bruce Wayne looking at the Batman costume, with a quote from someone saying “The feeling of powerlessness that turns good men into cruel”. After that we get a few good shots of the batmobile and batplane.

The trailer ends with Batman and Superman facing each other and batman asking “Do you bleed?”. Superman gives no response, than batman sas “You Will!”. Overall this trailer is pretty epic and starts the hype train for the movie. We thank you for reading and hope that you follow us for more post like this.